Pxe configuration utility updating

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Instead of booting a single install CD image, this setup will boot into a menu with multiple utilities.A reasonable effort has been made to present configurations that are secure, but no guarantees are made or implied as to the safety or accuracy of this information.In order to setup PXE server, you need to have a working DHCP and TFTP servers.

In this tutorial, we will see how to install PXE Server on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server, and how to configure it to deploy operating systems in the pxe client systems.

UTF-8 \ ocs_live_batch="no" vga=788 nosplash fetch=tftp:// initrd systemrescue menu label System Rescue kernel append setkmap=us netboot= Free BSD "livefs" image is a working Free BSD system that can be used without installation on the target machine.

An NFS-mounted filesystem can replace the CD or memory stick media for faster operation.

After a few seconds, a blue text menu with the single Clonezilla option appears. Syslinux can handle disk images that have been compressed with zip or gzip.

The smaller files load faster and CRC checks provide data integrity.

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