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"Leave it to a company offering dating background checks to turn Cupid's holiday into a fright fest.Says the company's CEO in the pitch, romance scams can "happen to anyone," even people who think they're in a stable relationships: "Some may lead their victim on for months or even years to build trust.” TRUST NO ONE EVER.But, like, this idea is that both parties can just say "eff it" to the pressures and letdowns of traditional romance and just buy, or be paid for, a date via Whats Your Price? An enterprising personal trainer wants to give you tips to "burn off the Valentine’s Day treats" -- because healthy and desirable means freaking out about the calories in a glass of champagne and some chocolate-dipped strawberries.This sweet little pitch is for a psychologist who can offer "warning signs ...Also, don't trust anyone with a "tendency to use cash over credit cards." They are sure to be a psychopath ... When people think of a psychopath they naturally think of people like Christian Bale's character in American Psycho or the guy Anthony Hopkins played in Silence of the Lambs; the kind of person who goes on psychotic murdering sprees; when in fact, the guy we share a bed with every night could possess some of the same psychotic traits...This time of year, every few minutes brings a new Valentine’s Day pitch into my inbox.By the time I finish this paragraph, there will be a new one and it will probably have something to do with wine or chocolate or flowers -- you know, REALLY ORIGINAL IDEAS THAT I AM SO GLAD TO HAVE BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION! Very occasionally, there are more surprising pitches: Nobilified, a company that does custom oil paintings that imagine you or a loved one in a famous painting or as a historical figure like Napoleon, sent me an email saying that a portrait of your boyfriend or husband "doing something legendary is sure to boost any man’s confidence and perhaps make him feel more inclined to do some housework.” (Have you noticed? And there was the sci-fi book about aliens that a publicist tried to promote as perfect “for those who need a distraction or escape” on Valentine’s Day.

If he or she does something that is clearly wrong, they will find a way to turn it back around on you. They will even tell you this if they get the chance. The police have always been out to get them even though they never do anything wrong.

for potential victims to identify a psychopath before their heart breaks this Valentine’s Day, or before it’s too late and danger ensues." But that's not all!

She is also available to speak on the following topics: "Hide Your Crazy: Don’t be The Ex Who Won’t Go Away" and "Be a Goal Digger, not a Gold Digger this Valentine’s." Those are definitely the first things that come to mind when I think of love: psychopaths, crazy exes and gold-digging.

You might want to go to the movies–your partner will make sure you go out to dinner instead. He or she might even brag about the fact that they have left a trail of tears behind them.

You might be terrified of what your partner will say or do if you tell them. He used to put you up on a pedestal…and now all he does is try to tear you down. From little things to big things, you feel like your partner never listens. They lie about things they don’t need to lie about. They can swear on their life that they are not lying. A healthy person is consistent in the way they treat people, regardless of their status. Your partner has a bad reputation or a tradition of “messy relationships”.

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