Psychiatrist dating former patient

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Speaking of friendship with patients, particularly those with serious mental illness, may seem anathema for a psychiatric ethicist who is supposed to be the guardian of boundaries and monitor of countertransference.

Yet there is a long and rich history of physician-patient friendship in medical ethics that can illuminate not only my own transitional grief but also the often-neglected affective dimension of most therapeutic relationships in mental health.

A therapist who gratifies his or her own needs by exploiting a patient's vulnerability destroys the trust essential to treatment." The APA seems to imply that all sexual relationships are inherently exploitative. From the administrative justice standpoint, a "no overlap" rule is simple to administer and superficially unassailable. As a credentials reviewer, I've seen this clause invoked far more often by scorned lovers than by innocent parties.

The inflexible letter of the law weighs unfairly on some defendants, and sometimes compels a disciplinary body to impose sanctions that don't fit a case's nuances.

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In reducing human behavior to coldly formal, mechanistic terms, we tend to get tripped up.To come across this phenomenon of worth is to learn something very significant about ourselves.We are enabled to be what we are only within these complex and mutual relationships with others, relationships which voice that complex and often troubled imperative." --Richard Zaner, Ph D Recently I assumed a new role in which most of my clinical time is spent consulting or teaching.Drane argues that physicians have an ethical obligation to friendship, grounded in the need and illness of the patient.Only a physician--no family, friends, or even clergy--can bring to the clinical encounter this positive parenting, this authoritative comfort, which possesses such healing power for sick, fearful, and lonely patients.

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