Pros and cons of dating older guys downtown dating

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This means you have twice as much to talk about so your conversations are always interesting.Dating older guys is not an automatic George Clooney situation.Plus, they are less likely to ghost via text as they are still figuring out what emojis are themselves.He’s more likely to call you to ask you out or see how your day was – which might feel creepy at first, but actually can be a lot nicer than a “sup” on your screen.Finally – more experienced guys often have better taste.

While bros your age are saying shit like “I don’t want anything serious” or “let’s not put a label on it,” older guys tend to know what they want and less shy about expressing it.

Often times, the question begs itself – if he’s 30, what can a 22 year old possibly have to offer him?

Meaning – when you’re in college, the idea of dating a high school kid is repulsive to you… Therefore, guys your age dating down are likely losers in their own class.

It has been studied that females mature faster than males, so our mental age is not equal to the mental age of a male.

Dating someone older can be positive in the sense that he's on the same level as you.

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