Pro and cons of dating an older man

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These relationships are also less taboo because younger women date older men all the time.I remember someone telling me once that it was okay as long as she was half your age plus seven.If we’re looking for something a little more serious, an older man can provide a greater sense of security. To a younger woman, this stability is quite appealing. You may ask yourself: why does an older man turn to a younger woman? A man might fall for a woman who just happens to be younger.On the other hand, some men actively seek out younger women who still hold the beauty of youth and vivacity of girlhood. A man who is attracted to you only for your looks or youth will soon leave you behind for someone even younger.

You’ll have to hit all the hotspots intended for twenty-five to thirty-somethings -- or you could visit your local nursing home if you’re that desperate.If you’ve read this far, then you’re either really intent on dating an older woman or you’re procrastinating on your work.In either case, I can’t really say if that’s good or bad, but you’ll have to make the decision for yourself. By Alex Nelson FEATURES columnist The majority of women find a certain appeal to dating older men.As much as many of your friends can appreciate your toilet humor, it won’t bag you someone ten years older than you.You wouldn’t want to give away your age up-front, because although they may be open-minded, they may also have to warm up to the idea of a younger man.

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