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ii6d The Cfanpter then proceeded to a second dection ; and, the suffrages having been collected as before, and presented to The Sovereign, Her Majesty was pleased to declare, that the Riglit Honourable Robert Montgomorie, Lord Belhaven snd Steoton, had been duly elected a Knight of the Mo6t Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, whereupon his Lordship was introduced tad knighted, and, the oath having been adminis- tered to his Lordship, he was invested with the Riband and Jewel, in the same manner as the Earl of Zetland had been, and the like ceremonies having been observed, his Lordship withdrew. Lieutenant Charles Bernard to be Captain* Dated 26th June, 1861. with the advioeof Qsr Privy Couac U, is pleased to onder, and it is henhy ordered,.thatthe operation of the said Otdor im Connai thirristhdaf of ; Jane,. An Act to enable Grand Juries in Ireland to « increase the remuneration of county surveyors, and for other purposes. 4 T ii 1366 Commissions signed by the Lard Lieuienani qf ike County of Middlesex. In the two churchyards of Saint Mary, and in the burial-grounds of Salem Chapel, the Roman Catholic Chapel, the Methodist New Connexion Chapel, and the Independent Chapel, Bamsley, in the parish of Silkstone, from the first day of August, to the first day of November, one thou- sand eight hundred and sixty-one. The Qaeen has been pleased to approve of Don Jos£ Antonio de Lavalle as Yioe-Consul at Cardiff for Her Majesty the Queen of Spain. MEMBER returned to serve in the present PARLIAMENT. Lusoombe to be Lieutenant) by purchase^ vice Ponsford. 5th Light Dragoons, Lieutenant Edward Henry Saunders, on appointment to a Cometcy in the Gazette of the 2nd July, 1861, should have been described as from the 3rd West York Regiment of Militia. 10^ Foot, Gentleman Cadet Arthur Henry Handley, from the Royal Military College, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Malcolm^ promoted. 1372 nth Fooi^ Robert Eiero Watson, Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Ravenhi U, promoted. William Mogg Bolpb, Gent., to be Ensign, bj purchase, vice West Stewart Awdry, whose appointment as stated in the Gazette of 24th May, 1861, has been cancelled. 56th Fooij Assistant-Surgeon James Bell Jaidine, irom the 4th Foot, to be Assistant-Surgeon, vice Edward Knapp Wiirtele Smith, M. D., to be Assistant-Surgeon, vice John Warren, appointed to the Stiu Sl Dated 6th August, 1861. The third Christian name of Ensign Tosswill is Davis, Isi West India Regiment, Staff-Surgeon Curtiss Martin to be Surgeon, vice James Davys, ap* pointed to the Staff. 1374 2nd West India Regiment^ Ensign Arcbibald Roger to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice A. An Act to authorize a lease of the Margate Railway to the London, Chatham and Dover Railway Company ; and for other purposes. 1st Administrative Brigade of Fife Artillery Volunteers, James Hay Erskine Wemyss, Esq., M. 1st Caiihnes S'Shire Artillery Volunteer Corps, James Mc Lean, Esq., to be First Lieutenant, vice James Leith, resigned. 1422 William Taylor, Esq., to be Second Lieutenant, ▼ioe Mc Lean, promoted. Her Majesty has been graciously pleased to accept the resignation of the Commission held by Lieutenant James Leith in the above Corps.

His Lordship having again kissed the Sove* reign's hand, and after receiving the congratu- lations of the Knights Brethren, retired. Ensign Edward Jones to be Lieutenant Dated 26th June, 1861. was pestfioned t O' the fissi of Jtdy, one-thouaand; eight hundred- and 6izt^Mne $ and frin Bieas itaaame fit that the opeaation of the' svd ih ' Bfc ^ m entioned' Oidecin Oonnoil^.so'far aa xahitos t Q the BBid eemeleriea, should be postponed ; aosr, tl Mi Before, Her Mqesty,and. An Act to make better provision for the con- stitution of the council of the Governor-General of India, and for the local government of the several presidencies and provinces of India, and for the temporary government of India in the event of a vacancy in the office of Governor* General. In the Minster Churchyard, Beverley, from the first day of July, to the first day of September, 1369 one thoasand eight hundred and sixty-one. 7th Begiment of Footy Ensign George William Henry Holyoake to be Lieutenant, without purchase, vice Hardinge Giffard Follett, de- ceased. Ensign Charles Tayleuri from the 8th Foot, to be Ensign, vice Holyoake. Sth Foot, John James Hamilton, Gent., to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Creek, appointed to the 23rd Foot. Bennett Fleming Handy, Gent., to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Charles Tayleur, ap- pointed to the 7th Foot Dated 7th August, 1861. 69th Footy Captain Patrick Cahi U, from the 87th Foot, to be Captain, vice James Warren Hastings Anderson, who exchanges. 70th Foot, Ensign William Saunders Ford Fene- ran to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice John Beldham, who retires. Edward Pearpon, Gent, to be Ensign, by pur- chase, vice Feneran. 71st Foot, Staff Assistant-Surgeon Robert Austen Allen, M. An Act for providing and constructing markets, market-placefl and slaughter-houses, with all neoea« aary conveniences, within the parishes of Saint Mary and Saint Bridget, in the city of Dublin. \st Middlesex Artillery Volunteer Corps, Bartholomew Archdekin Duncan, M. Commission signed by the Lord Lieutenant of the County of Fife. Commissions signed by the Lord Lieutenant of the County of Caithness. 2nd Monmouthshire Rifle Volunteer Corps» Lieutenant John Bowcott Hughes to be Captain. D., to be Dean of the Cathedral Church of Exeter, void by the death of the Reverend Thomas Hill Lowe, late Dean thereof. The Qoeen has been pleased to appoint John Scott Bushe, Esq., to be Colonial Secretary for the Island of Trinidad ; Denis Leahy, Esq., to be Superintendent of Public Works for the Island of Trinidad ; Charles Lablache, Esq., to be a Stipendiary Magistrate for the Island of Mauritius ; and Thomas Maguire, Esq., to be a Police Ma- gistrate for the Island of Mauritius. 1161 Le^emm, at Temple Balsall, in the eoun^ of Waralck. An Act to declare the Limits within which in- creased Assessments are authorized to be raised in tiie city of Edinburgh, under the provisions of the Act of the twenty-third and twenty-fourth years of Victoria, chapter fifty. At the Court at Oib&me Hau$e, h U of Jfight^ the 25th day ot Jufy^ 1861. An Act to amend the laws relating to Attorneys and Solicitors in Ireland. D., to be Assistant- Surgeon, vice Andrew Knox Rickards, ap- pointed to the Staff. Qxzst Brigade of Artillery, Second Captain James Mac GHllivray to be Captain, vice Mc Gorrery, phced on hs Jf pay. Lieutenant James Scott to be Second Captain, vice Mac Gillivray. An Act to enable the Margate Railway Com- pany to extend their railway to Ramsgate, to change their name, and for other purposes c(m* nected with their undertaking. \Oth Aberdeenshire Rifle Volunteer Corps, Ensign James Munro to be Lieutenant. Commissions signed by the Lord Liefitenant of the County Palatine of Durham. Lieutenant Edward Temperley Gourley to be Captain, vice Burr owes, struck off the strength. An Act for anthoriztng the Dock Company at Kingstim«npon-Hun to make and maintain an ad- ditional Dock at Eingston-npon-Hnll (to be called ibe Western Dock), and a Railway to connect the same with the Hx A\ and Selby Railway^ to alter a part of the Line of the Hull and Selby Railway, and to constmct other Works at Kingston-upon* Hn H, for amending the Acts relating to the Com- pany, for granting more effectual powers for the regnlation and management of their Docks^ and for other parposea^ An Act to authorize the making of a Railway firom the Stockton and Darlington Railway, at or near the Frosterly Station, to Nevvktndside, near Stanhcp Cf with a road approach from Stanhope, ail in the county 6f Durham, and for authorizing working arrangelnents with the Stockton and Daiiingtoa Bcnhvay Company, and for other pnr*^ poses. The QUEEN'S Most Excellent Mijesty in Council was pleased to order that the representa* tions of the Right Honourable Sir George Gome* wall Lewis, Bart, one of Her Migesty's Prin- dpal Secretaries of SUte (as set forth in this Gacette) that burials should be forthwith discon- tinued in the Quaker^s Burial-grcundf Hanover* Mir€§it Adblam, in the parish of Cambx&wbu; Also M0TTRAIC IK Lo Ka DXKDALB.— Wholly in the parish ehureh forthwith. ^•Forthwith in and beneath the par Uh church; and from and after the 1st of July, 1862, in the ekureh^rdf with the exception of now existing family vaults and brick grayee which can be opened without disturbing human remains, and in which each coffin shall be separately en- tombed in brick or stone woric properiy cemented. 1357 An Act to make further provision for the regu- lation of the British White Herring Fishery in Scotland. An Act to authorise the construction, in the county of Glamorgan, of a railway from the Tate 1399 of Neath Railway to the Sooth Wales Railway at Swaneea, to be (tailed " The Swansea and Neath Railway." An Act for making a railway to connect Chard and Taunton, in the county of Somerset ; and for other purposes. An Act to enable the Local Board of Health for the township of Darlington to supply Gras and Water in the adjoining townships of Cockerton, Black well, Whessoe, and Haughton-ln-Skerne, to enlarge Market* place, erect a covered market, make and improve roads, to vest in the Local Board all the powers of the Burial Board, to raise additional money, to levy and alter tolls and rates, and amend Acts relating to the Local Board, and for other purposes. Xiieutenant, without purchase, rice Cali l Aoyd, deceased. The undermentioned promotions to take place consequent on the death of Major-General Eaton Monins, Colonel of the 8th Foot, on the 16th June, 1861 : — Brevet-Colonel Lewis Alexander During, Migor on half-pay Unattached, to have the rank of Major-General. Brevet'Colonel Joshua Simmons Smith, from Major on half-pay Unattached, to be M^jor- General. The QUEEN'S Most Excellent Majesty in Council was pleased to order that a petition of the Sonthport Improvement Commissioners, pray« ing that powers should be vested in the said Southport Improvement Commissioners for pro* Tiding such place or places of burial as may be requisite for the inhabitants of the district of Southport, under the provisions of the said Acts ; and a petition of the Local Board of Health for the district of Accrington, in the county of Lancaster, praying that the said Local Board of Health shall be the Burial Board for the district of Accrington. An Act to enable the £dinbuigh, Perth, and Dundee Railway Company to make bye laws for their piers, basins and works at Ferry-port-on- Craig and Broughty, and the feiry between Ferry- port-on -Craig and Broughty, to vest the Burntis- land and Granton Ferry in the Company, to construct siding accommodations and works for supply of water, to amalgamate the Kinross-shire Railway with their undertaking ; and for other purposes. 4ih Manchester or 7Sth Lancashire Rifle Volunteer Corps. An Act for making a Railway from T^nnox- town of Campsie to Strathblane, with a branch to Lettermill, in the county ot Stirling ; and for other purposes. Ci^tain The Honoarable Charles Gilbert John Brydone £llioty C. mgned by the Viee-Lieutinant of the County of Norfolk, and of the City and County €f the City of Norwich. Lieutenant Robert Nicholas Hamond to be Cap- tain» rice Jones, resigned. Ensign Arthur Palmer to be Lieutenant, vice Hamond, promoted. Commission signed by the Lord Lieutenant of the County cf Lincoln. James Freeman Eaton, G^nt., to be Assistant- Surgeon, vice Hewitt, resigned. Meicoiunduic Her Majesty has been graciously pleased to ac- cept the resignation of the Commission held by Assistant-Surgeon Hewitt. An Act to grant further powers to the Victoria Station and Pimlico Railway Company, with reference to their share and loan capital, and to sanction certain Agreements with the Great Western, and London, Chatham, and Dover Railway Companies, and for other purposes. Dated 1st Septemhi Eas\gn Arthur Rowley Heyland to be Lie witbout purchase, rice Henry Georgt deceaaed. Gr CDtle Biui Cadet John Edward Lee Uo U the Bojal Military College, to be Eusij out purchage, vice Sullivan. 61it Foot, the first Christian name of Stockengtrom, appointed in the Gazetl nth May, IStil, is " Gytbert," i " Gydiert," as then s Uted. Migor and Brevet-Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Edwin Thackwell, half-pay Unattached, As- sistant Adjutant-General in the South Western District. should be taken into consideration by a Committee of the Lords of Her Migesty's Host Honourable Privy Councili on the twelfth day of September next 1380 Atihe Otmi at Oahme Sowm, Jufy 25, 1861. An Act for making a railway from Lynn to Hunstanton, all in the county of Norfolk. An Act to enable the West Hartlepool Har- bour and Railway Company to raise further monqr, to amend ^e Acts relating to the Com- pany ; and for other purposes. The Queen has been pleased to grant onto Charles Henry Roberts, of Momington-roady in the parish of Sieiint Pancras, in the county of Mid- dlesex. Rear- Admiral Charles Gordon (b) on the Retited List, to be Vice*' Admiral on the same List. The following promotions, dated the 5th in- stant, consequent on the death, on the 4th instant, of Vice-Admiral of the White Sir Thomas He^- bert, K. B., have also this day taken place : Vice-Admiral of the Blue Alexander Thomas Emeric Vidal to be Vice-Admiral of the White, fiear- Admiral Sir John Burnet Dundas, Bart, on the Reserved list, to be Vice-Admiral on the same List. 1st or f Veet Norfoih Regiment of Militia, Francis Parmeter, jnn., Gent, to be Lieutenant. 1404 Commitsion signed by the Lord Lieutenant o/* tke County of Forfar.

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