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Deciphered, these are all revealed to be non-Transformers-related passages, including song lyrics, catchphrases, memes, map coordinates and extensive, verbatim quotes from diverse sources ranging from Tennyson's Ulysses to Max Headroom.

In particular, the book has a noticeable number of hidden references to Iron Maiden, courtesy of author Bill Forster, a massive fan of the band. The language describing Omega's strength deliberately hearkens back to Generation 1 Omega's Transformers Universe profile, describing how he can pulverize “steel cubes” of impressive volume and hit diminutive items from a great distance with his head cannon.

If you're looking for an intriguing and interesting movie to watch then you might want to consider this one.

happy love-letter written to Transformers Wiki for our carnal pleasure.

"Interstitial" interludes are presented out-of-universe and describe the design process behind the art, animation, and locations, as well as brief story summaries of the Titan Comics Animated issues.

Elements of toy design are covered as well, but comparatively briefly.

It's not a bad thing to do when working on a budget and the worst is only on for a few minutes or seconds, though if you remember them as I did, it only leads to weakening the film.

If you like a certain user you swipe right and if they do the same then when you are in each other's vicinity you both get a message saying they're close.

Unfortunately for Anna, it's an ideal tool for a stalker to strike fear into their prey.

However, I believe the movie could have been stronger had the pace been more varied and some better camera-work, something other than the straightforward point shoot and pan.

Though Anna Hutchison is the lead and is very good in the role it's Karissa Lee Staples who is the strongest actress in the movie and had a wider range of emotion and skills.

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