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One time when they went shopping for Christmas and she picked a dress he ended up buying for her....

and then he said something as they were driving back to his house that made her upset.... What he didn't realize was that the more she got attached, the more she just couldn't see that he was getting as invested as she was...

Assertive communication is defined as clear, direct, honest statement of feelings; use of “l” messages; speaking up appropriately for oneself while considering the needs, wants, and rights of others.

It is important to note is that women who communicate in a direct and clear manner are viewed more favorably in the workplace!

He spent hours preparing the meal, he cooked steak to perfection just the way she liked it...

he chilled a bottle of expensive Champaign, bought a bouquet of roses, her favorite.... Amber showed up to another one of her disappointments.

Here is how she tells her story: When they met he seemed instantly enamored by her.

Communication experts agree the clearest, most productive and most effective way to communicate is honestly and openly, which is assertive communication.

This type of communication allows for the potential for people to also communicate openly and honestly with you.

And as a woman I can understand that the problem was that she didn't really want the dress...... finally hoping that he would somehow pick up on the .... all those feelings bottled up until there was no more room to squeeze them in and when they came out, it was an explosion.....

What she thought was that he DIDN'T SEE HER in his future! Do you ever find yourself not knowing what to say and how to communicate with your man to make him adopt your thinking and , and instead end up in a break up and heartbroken!

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