Park bom dating g dragon

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Then, Park Bom's doppelganger, Ahn Joo Hee, came in making the studio reel back in surprise.

In the said video, G-Dragon is seen seemingly protecting a girl from the enormous crowd that gathered outside of the venue after the concert.Seems like Park Bom, G-Dragon, and Park Myung Soo are in for a surprise!Through SBS 'Hallyu Olympic', aired on September 13th, doppelgangers of 2NE1's Park Bom, Big Bang's G-Dragon, and Park Myung Soo appeared and surprised the viewers.G-Dragon's doppelganger, Jo Gyu Min, first appeared as he sang to G-Dragon's "Heartbreaker".Following him, Park Myung Soo's doppelganger, Kim Young Kwon, appeared as they joined together for GG's "I Cheated".

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