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It just challenges you to become the best version of you.

Art is a great coach and by the end of the program it feels more like learning with an old friend than a teacher. He won't overwhelm you as a coach, but he will challenge you to get over the things that are holding you back.

They will get you into the conversation and help you navigate the meeting and dating scene with a female charm.

Newest addition to New York Dating Coach team: one of our past students has risen to a level of instructor.

Seth May - once one of our past students, he now has risen to the level of instructor and is currently our new online dating coach.

He is a true experienced pro, after increasing his skill in meeting and dating women to amazing levels with Social Motion, and then went off for a while for some soul searching.

And he won't have you anything he won't demonstrate to you himself...

But after you've seen Michael in action, you'll hardly be able to wait until you can try out his techniques for yourself. Well versed in the particular challenges of both day and night time social dynamics. He has done photography for GQ and Style magazine and he will give you a full personalized image makeover the GQ style.

This is the kind of education you're unlikely to receive anywhere else.

What else is also great about this program is that it doesn't ask you to become anyone other than yourself.

After a bad relationship, I just kinda concentrated on my career thinking they would find me. I was also wrong about being a nice guy, being friendly with girls, wasting my time with women and ending up being their therapist while they went out and slept with A-holes. But he got me to a point where my confidence was thru the roof.

After a short time working with Art for an hour or so a week, and doing the home work, I was making out with 2 girls (one who used to be "my friend"), getting compliments from women at work, getting eyed by women on the street. Pretty soon, I was having girls tell me I was too Confident for them... And then Imeet a blonde haired/blue eyed Co-ed at NYU...18 years old... You will platue, then you will see results again... And you will feel more secure at job interviews, in new situations, and kiss any anxiety goodbye.

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