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He said the participants didn't believe they promoted rape culture, but "didn't stop it," and now wanted to "promote the end of rape culture together." Meanwhile, a lawyer for Larochelle said his client was to meet with Roy on the weekend to defuse the situation.On Sunday, Larochelle sent a letter to CBC News indicating he'd resigned from his position as vice president, social commissioner for the Criminology Student Association.

"I would never say that kind of thing out in the public but when it was a private conversation I guess it slipped my mind that that's really not acceptable." Another member of the five, who did not want to be named, said the conversation was private and obtained illegally.

"It was kind of like getting a double whammy, you get put in a very difficult situation and to have these men try to take all power away from me by telling me that I need to be censored and that I can't take action," she said.

"This is also incredibly frustrating and I think speaks to the fact that rape culture does not get challenged enough." The one participant in the conversation who is not threatening legal action said the entire incident has been a huge learning experience.

The letter also alleged that Roy, through an intermediary, had initially considered not sharing the conversation if the four participants would promise not to run for student leadership positions in the future.

After learning of the letter, the board decided to shelve the motion introduced at the meeting, but Roy said she wasn't ready to drop the matter.

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