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Also, I dont think most women round these parts are gonna be so open to something like "lets go walk in the woods" with someone they are meeting for the first time, and I can't say as I would blame them.Some things I have done, that I would love to do again: Kayaking in Letchworth State Park (The Grand Canyon of the east -wild scenery)Tubing, Canoeing, or Rafting down the delaware.Among the many free online dating opportunities that are available to the members of Live Date Search there is a special community of Nature Lovers who go online to meet singles sharing their mode of thinking and way of life.Nature Lovers dating is simple, comfortable and risk-free and may result in online romance, real love or a great meaningful relationship that will last.Not big on camping in a tent however, been there and done that.... :)That's probably a longshot (given just finding someone special is a longshot! I wouldn't ask a woman to do it on a first date though, unless she mentioned it first of course! It was a tiny bird that was injured and just trying in vain to fly. I found a cardboard box nearby and put the bird in it. I don't know if that meant they would nurse it back to health or put it to sleep. first dates think you are an deranged killer from a tv show if you ask them to meet anywhere but starbucks. I live close to two major bodies of saltwater, numerous rivers & a day's drive to the mountains. I even bought a house that backs up to a multi-square mile wilderness [email protected] amazing post and profile...........thank you for sharing your experience with us, almost felt like I was there as I read it. I saved a jellyfish the size of my SUV tire last year from a fate worse than death.(I couldn't bear some kid torturing him and poking him with a stick)..had beached himself and couldn't move... I'm originally from the mountains up North and am trying to 'adapt' to nature in the's just usually amphibious in nature here. The following day I took it to a wildlife rescue place near my apt. But it didn't look mortally wounded; it just looked like its wing was broken or damaged so I don't know what is 9/10? Hard to keep the deer out of my garden, but it's worth a few missing veggies to have that much wildlife roam thru your backyard.

Find women who have the same interests as you, meet an online date living in the USA or UK, chat live with a Russian woman looking for international Nature Lovers dating.How many out there are truly NATURE LOVERS and what kind of "nature dates" can you share with us that you have been on?Not really the type to do a "Nature Date" for a "chemistry experiment", more a second or third, or maybe months later, kind of thing. I mean meeting by the shore for coffee at a first meeting, or maybe walk the boards or beach, but I think you are talking about something else.When I walk into the entrance I can almost instantly feel the peace and serenity that it offers and I feel that I have entered a totally different world and if anywhere I can do my best thinking it is within all these amazing trees.The little paths that lead you here and there, the cliffs overlooking the water, the aroma of all the beautiful wildflowers, and most importantly the little wild creatures that you are lucky to spot if you are quiet enough.

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