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Mentorships offer children stability, guidance and exposure to new, positive experiences along with providing the support for the development of valuable life skills helping them to reach their full potential and grow into healthy and happy adults.

Each mentorship lasts for a minimum of 12 months, with many relationships continuing well beyond this.

That usually results in a few spares changing hands so if you are still without tickets keep an ear and eye out then.

Aunties and Uncles Queensland is a non-government agency.

And with the surplus of online resources for parents, it’s time for a destination dedicated to the other half of the adult female population who have less access to information about how to best love, support and develop kids. Savvy Auntie Karma is incredibly influential – the more you give, the more you get back, the more others get back.

You can find friends through the Community, where Aunties connect on various areas of interest in Forums, Groups and Blogs – including the Aunthology. Privacy is Important While sharing is important – you should be able to choose who you share with and when.

After the Ballot is done and dusted, there are Store Sales, then Online Sales.

You do not need to have a Golden Code to purchase online.

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The Subscriber Ticket Ballot has closed for Golden Plains XII.

You can also search directly for Friends and invite new Friends to join. That’s why you can lock and unlock what you choose to share with all Savvy Aunties, just your Friends, or no one at all.

Savvy Auntie encourages learning from other Savvy Aunties. While we encourage you to invite your nieces and nephews to visit your Profile, we don’t want them to have to create a Profile and Join.

We encourage you to use your voice and experience to empower other Savvy Aunties with knowledge and expertise. Instead, simply use the “Send to a Friend” links or copy and paste the URL into an email.

When completing your niece and nephew profiles, do not include any contact information.

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