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The bedrooms are in the front, but they do a great job keeping it quite. But this is Florida there are ants out side on the only complaint each year they have raised the rent .And I can hear my neighbors moving around upstairs. Families and seniors as well as college students live here.The name of the law is the Violence Against Women Act, or “VAWA.” The following notices explain your obligation under VAWA.A pickup driver drove his vehicle over a car to protect his family during a road-rage incident Wednesday, Ocala police said.Every month the management offers activities you can get involved in.office staff are friendly and helpful.It is full of shade trees and they are pet friendly.

The downstairs apartments have a patio which is perfect for my dog, and it allows me to plant flowers, which is nice.

Waiting list applications are accepted only when the list is open.

The existing list must be exhausted before the list is open.

Like seriously of course I'm going to fix it I need my car.

I've been here for almost a year, and for the most part, it's been great.

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