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Then come ten pages of information about Objectivism, with bibliographies and a full-page advertisement –– and an inside-back-page ad for yet another book.There are more ads and another intro at the front; then in the middle, like one of those rogue outer skins you sometimes find halfway through an onion, a US postage-paid cardboard insert for the reader to tear out and send back to the ARI.Conservative, the Americans call them, except that there are respects in which they aren’t; ‘right-wing’ would be more accurate, except that it sounds so relative and mealy-mouthed. ‘Egotism’ and ‘egoism’ – not a native speaker of English, for a long time she didn’t know the difference – were others. Ayn Rand was born Alisa Rosenbaum in St Petersburg, in February 1905.Her father was a well-to-do pharmacist until the Bolsheviks seized control of his business in October 1917.Austin’s current Anthem fellow is the author of, among other things, a paper called ‘Money , a 35th-anniversary edition, a school-bound edition, a library-bound edition, but here in Britain, the most recent edition is a mass market paperback published by Signet in 1997.It has the shirking old Titan on the front cover, in a horrible Deco-ish rendition, and Rand herself on the back, cow-eyed and alabaster-browed.

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Objectivism is also promulgated by the Objectivist Center in Washington DC, until recently run by David Kelley, the author of , a venture called the Atlas Society and an online Objectivism Store selling T-shirts, bags, hats, badges and inspirational posters such as Morality Made Visible, which features the Manhattan skyline, Twin Towers intact, with a quotation from Rand is everywhere on the internet: stickers, coasters, car number plates, CDs featuring a Randian ‘Concerto of Deliverance’ at Men of talent, composers, industrialists, financiers, one by one destroy their businesses and disappear.Faceless governments pass progressively more anti-business legislation: the Equalisation of Opportunity Bill; the Anti-Dog Eat Dog Rule.‘My personal life,’ she says, ‘is a postscript to my novels; it consists of the sentence: “.”’ She concedes that she was born in Europe, and says she came to America because she agreed with its ‘moral premises’.Her only philosophical debt is to Aristotle; her only other acknowledgment is to the ‘values of character’ she finds in her husband, Frank.

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