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Cohen and Joan Lebold Cohen James Bennett and David Cowan Georgia M.

Coxe Alexandra Cromwell Bobby Alter and Lisa De Lima Vivian Dickson and James Dickson III Carol Dine John and Yvette Dubinsky Carleton and Mona Dukess David W.

A vast and welcoming artistic community shines throughout our pages this year. COMMERCIAL STREET MILESTONE T Gandolfo writes, “The Hammock Shop was born in 1 981 .

I feel as if I'm in the same room with Dick Kiusalas, in his interview with Meg Pier, as he talks about his process creating unconventional furniture. It was conceived while Celine and I were sleeping in a Matrimonial Mayan Hammock for a dollar a night in an open thatched hut on the southern Yucatan coast.

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Nastasi Maury Newburger, Maury Newburger Eoundation Brooke Newman Helen and Roy Nicholson Joe Novak Paul Novak, Revere Guest House Anne Packard Dean and Denise Pappas Erank Di Cirolamo and Jane Paradise Erna Partoll Brent and Kathleen Pellegrini Polhemus Savery Da Silva Architects Builders Erancis Olschafskie and Anna Poor Julian and Mary Popko Lenore Hart Poyer Constantine Manos and Michael Prodanou Richard and Valorie Rand Stephen Rand Max Reagan Philip Redo Dennis Rhodes James Connors and Robert Rindler Marty Davis and Alix Ritchie Jay Corcoran and Michael Roberts Steven E. Romanelli Andrea and Harvey Rosenthal Nancy and Richard Rubens Magda Salvesen Linda and Peter Saunders Jane and Robert Schewior Anton and Joan Schiffenhaus Vivian Bower and Lawrence Shainberg The Sheep Meadow Press Eva and Stanley Sikorski, Land’s End Inn Louise Silver E. Smith Michael Sperber Joyce and William Tager Eileen and John Tavolacci Catherine Mosley and David True Eric Rubenstein and Kirby Veevers Mitch Villani Archie D. Walker Eoundation Tom Gilmore and Sally Walker Carol Warshawsky, Carol Warshawsky 1 997 Trust Barbara Wasserman John S. Sarah Blake and Josh Weiner Judith and Richard Wurtman Anne Coon and Craig J. ORG 27 PROVINCETOWN ARTS 2016 ON THE COVER Marie Howe, photograph by Grace I nan Howe Tabitha Vevers, photograph by Irene Upton Tabitha Vevers, Shiva: Vortex (detail), 2016, oil and gold leaf on Mylar, 14.5 by 11.5 inches COURTESY OF ALBERT MEROLA GALLERY LETTER FROM THE EDITOR 30 BUZZ 31 COVER FEATURE: TABITHA VEVERS Tabitha Vevers: Beauty and Danger: A Duaelity of Vision 36 Andre van der Wende Flying Dreams 45 Nick Lawrence ARTISTS All That Glitters: A Conversation with Joan Snyder 54 Jan Lhormer Joerg Dressier: A Still Point in the Maelstrom 58 Christopher Busa An Interview with Christina Schlesinger: Painting What I See 61 Hunter O’Hanian Gary Kuehn: The Art of Opposing Forces 66 Cindy H inant Dick Kiusalas and the Artisans of West Barnstable Tables: Flow, Form, and Fate 69 Meg Pier David Shainberg: The Nature of Consciousness 73 John Briggs Andre van der Wende’s Revolving World 76 Christopher Busa Ray Elman’s Portraits: An Archive of the Vital Past 78 Alec Wilkinson Danielle and Elizabeth Mailer on Adele Morales Mailer: Artist to the Core 81 Susan Rand Brown Bill Evaul: Walking the White Line 85 Ron Shuebrook It’s Time to Go 88 Text by Joanne Barkan, Art by Vicky Tomayko Ellsworth Kelly 88 James Balia Art in Eden 89 Peter Hutchinson Big Loon 89 Anna Poor COVER FEATURE: MARIE HOWE 90 Richard Mc Cann, Liz Rosenberg, Michael Klein, Victoria Red el, Paul Lisicky, Stephanie Frank Sassoon, Sophie Cabot Black, Christopher Busa Marie Howe Tabitha Vevers: A Conversation 104 WRITERS Roger Skillings and Jhumpa Lahiri: A Provincetown Chronicle 106 Introduction by Christopher Busa TABLE OF CONTENTS Mary Oliver: On Bended Knee 108 Margaret Murphy The Prime Thing: Philip Hoare and Provincetown 110 Dennis Minsky In Search of Edna St.

But what struck me was the way they all seem to have fresh life in these pages, in the stories of their lives, even in the photographs, where some of the faces seem to be staring back at me a bit sadly, as if they wish they could be here too. In her diverse series of work, she uses a variety of materials, including found objects, and techniques, such as scrimshaw, to create innovative art: images of a surreal Eden, provocative seascapes painted on shells and gilded with gold leaf, Flying Dreams paintings based upon Mexican devotional paintings that give thanks for a blessing or miracle.

Perhaps this uncanny feeling has something to do with the fact that my busiest time for work on the magazine is in the spring, when green starts to appear, slowly, right outside my office window, culminating in a crowning glory of huge pink rhododendron blossoms, in full bloom even as I write. Vevers’s five Lover’s Eyes series, in which she reinvents artists' iconic visions of eyes throughout the ages, are especially impressive.

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