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When using Chatroulette, avoid sharing identifying information and do not engage in any behavior you wouldn't want your family to know about.

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Statistics compiled by Tech Crunch in 2010 showed that one out of every eight connections was likely to contain something sexually explicit.(The altercation's victim was arrested over the weekend.) Spikes was a finalist for the prestigious Butkus Award last year, and he could start for the Patriots during the upcoming NFL season. UPDATE: The NFL is reviewing the sex tape, and comments from Spikes' agent strongly indicate that the football star is the man in the video.Scroll down for screenshots of the video and a comparison of the suspect and a confirmed photo of Brandon Spikes. Chatroulette has become well-known for its 17-year old Russian founder, attracting interest from top-tier tech investors and, of course, featuring lots and lots of of sexual content.RJMetrics used Chatroulette Map, a site that, as the name indicates, shows where people are surfing to Chatroulette, to analyze a representative sample of 2,883 conversations.

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