North queensland dating

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Coastal lands decreased due to rising sea levels and tropical rain forests spread.

The Kalkadoon people of the inland central gulf region, dug wells 10m deep to maintain their supply of freshwater.

Dr Hocknull said the reason for the fossils being so well preserved was because huge crocodiles preyed on the megafauna that existed at the time.

It is not uncommon to unearth valuable objects on mine sites, but it is extremely rare to discover the bones of the world's tallest kangaroo.

Once the fossils have been uncovered they get wrapped in plaster cases and get sent down to Brisbane where they get cleaned with tiny dentist drills."So over the years we have built up a picture of what existed here 30,000 years ago …

and then we try to answer the ultimate question of why aren't they here today? "30,000 years ago we had three different species of crocodiles living together in what was clearly a well-watered river system and habitat."Now it is entirely dry with a little bit of a flood here and there."Clearly there have been some big climatic changes that have occurred over the past 30,000 years to drive all these environments extinct, and that holds some really interesting questions about how we will further adapt to climate change."Palaeontologists have visited the site each year since 2011, and Mr Hocknull said they would continue to work with BHP over the next three to four years to continue uncovering more ground.

The most likely route was from Southeast Asia across the Torres Strait.

During the next ten thousand years, the Aboriginal people travelled over most of the continent.

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