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When Spanish conquistador Francisco Cortés de Buenaventura arrived on the Jalisco-Nayarit coast in 1524, he and his men were confronted by an army of 20,000 Aztecs, their bows decorated with colourful banners.Cortés was so impressed by the group of warriors that he called this area around the Rio Ameca (north of present-day Puerto Vallarta) the Valley of the Banners.Early afternoons tend to be cloudy with short rainy periods.But by late afternoon, the sun returns and there's usually a pleasant, balmy breeze.To exchange your Canadian cash or travellers cheques, stop by one of the many banks, exchange kiosks or your hotel front desk.

With all the variety, there's plenty to savour at this city's many fine restaurants.Drawn to the region's ideal climate, many visitors end up investing in real estate and businesses here.Even though most people here will converse with you in English, try practising a bit of Spanish too.Eventually, the mines petered out and the town became more of a ghost town or sleepy fishing village.However, when John Huston and the cast of his The Night of the Iguana film arrived, they brought with them global attention and the beginning of Puerto Vallarta's tourism industry.

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