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Ill never forget it Hallway & Eastwick-Downtime-Paper Recording # 1 Salt City Orchestra-The Book Heck any of the paper recordings early stuff is Aces!!

I'm not too up on that specific genre or that time period as far as commercial house goes.I'm transferring everything to SSL and getting rid of all these records.I should be finished by Thanksgiving (and I WILL give thanks that I finished). Until then, here are a few I didn't see listed: Criminal House-Rythme Talk 126 Model 500-No UFO's 125 Inner City-Do You Love What You feel 125 House of Gypsies-Samba 124 The Bucketheads-Got Myself Together 120 Night Crawlers-Push the Feeling 120 Mass Order-Lift Every Voice (classic hump mix) Martin Circus - Disco Circus 120 COD-In the Bottle 124 Jungle Brothers-Girl I'll House You 124 Raze-Break for Love 120 Xavier Gold-You Used to Hold Me 124 Soho-Hot Music 114 Lidell Townsend-Nu, Nu 120 Chip E-Time To Jack 124 Julian Jumpin Perez-Jack Me Til I Scream 124 Mr Lee-I Can't Forget 124 Yellow House-Jack My Body Farley Jackmaster Funk-Funk Trax II (EP) Doug Lazy-Let It Roll 122 Martha Washington-Carry On 124 Maurice - This is Acid 126 John Rocca - Once Upon a Time 126 Yaz-Don't Go 126 Run DMC-Uptempo (It's Tricky) 127 Kool Kat-Work My Body House of Gypsies- Sume Sigh Say 128 Revoked-Pieces 128 Da Posse-Strings 128 Channel 1-Technicolor 127 Armando - 100% Dissin You Dave Clarke-South Side 132 Roula-Lick It 128 Phuture-We Are the Future Mr Lee-Pump Up London MAW & Ken Lou-What a Sensation (Inst) 127 Chashmere-You Got Me Up 127 Mike Dunn-God Made Me Funky 128 I'll hit updates tomorrow I'm at work without my laptop but here are some traxx that I played at a local spot here in Chicago last night and had the place rockin..My legal copy is what I paid to record the track ('bout 5.50 per 12"). similar to Hardrive - Deep Inside ;) Any thoughts?? Hi Everyone, Dying to find a song for which i can't remember the name nor the artist.If I'm STILL guilty, send the Sherriff to my house. Woa, in the words of the Egyptian Lover (On the Nile), "Wait a minute). Song goes something like this: .down boogies in the nayi nayi na - this get's repeated..

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