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Extremely open (free to download, easy to use) and entirely closed (end-to-end encrypted), Facebook’s instant messaging app is central to the making of community and consensus in India today.

The Family Group isn’t Whats App’s only offering to Indian society.

The platform has created whole new virtual communities -- school mom group, condo group—as well as animated old associations like alumni and party members.

How is a What App group different from one formed over email or Facebook?

The two other stole the cars and gave it to Deepak and Amarjeet who changed chassis numbers and drove it to Nagaland and other north east India states,” said a senior officer.Deepak told police that he had once met sacked constable Narender, who was top car thief Manoj Bakkarwala’s aide.Deepak, initially worked with Narender but later formed his own gang with Amarjeet and others.In August, the outgoing vice president, Hamid Ansari, ruffled feathers by saying that Muslims felt insecure and uneasy in today’s India.Within seconds, smartphones across India were buzzing with Whats App alerts.

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