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Indeed these latter items can be particularly problematic. While its true that the Admiralty had exacting specifications for paint, it didn't mean that the things were always precise or perfect.For an example of processing gone wrong, simply view this image of . The real world has a way of interfering: First, paint stocks could vary from depot-to-depot and ship-to-ship.

So, what you see in one photo may look different than what you see in another. Because of this, there may be some hypothetical assessments involved (in other words an educated guess).This even applies to the models and paintings we feature on our own web site - these items aren't displayed necessarily because of accuracy, but simply because they depict. Please do not "guesstimate" colours from old black & white photos.This is because there are numerous factors which tend to make film unreliable: First is the type of film that was used. As a result, when processed, blues tended to look lighter and reds tended to look darker. Sources: The following information is based on the research of many people, most notably that of Mr Dave Weldon of the H. Bruce Taylor and the wreck exploration of David Mearns. We are also deeply indebted to the colour/camouflage works of Alan Raven, the research of Dr.

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