Model profile delaware cam

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Beam Gage contains a utility, Beam Maker, that can synthetically generate beam profile data by modeling either Laguerre, Hermite or donut laser beams in various modal configurations.

(Competitiveproducts use other less sophisticated algorithms that perform a baseline subtraction, but truncate the noise below the “zero” of thebaseline.But occasionally you may have a drop in intensity of your beam and don’t want to have to adjust the attenuation.Or, you may occasionally have a very small beam of only a few tens of pixels.This permits secure product testing as well as data collection for Statistical Process Control (SPC), all while assuring the validity of the data.Using the USB output from select Ophir power/energy meters, the Beam Gage application will display measured power/energy values from the full range of Ophir thermopile, photodiode and pyroelectric sensors.

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