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Christophe Van Huffel, ex-guitarist of Tanger, has recently produced legendary French singer, Christophe.

CD (ASH 8.9CD) 14.50 Joachim Nordwall is deeply interested in the power of sound, and how sound can create certain states of mind, but also the other way around; how certain states of mind can create sound.

It’s a stellar example of the kind of singer/songwriter fare the music industry was mining in the early ’70s. Here, on a double album comprised of both live and studio recordings, the electric sound that Davis first unveiled the year previous emerges as a fully formed and powerful beast.

Featuring one of his finest bands, which included John Mc Laughlin, Keith Jarrett, Gary Bartz, Jack De Johnette, and Brazilian percussionist Airto, Live-Evil is a stunning exploration of the outer limits of jazz, and one of the most influential records of the ’70s.

Anstam played festivals such as Mutek and Melt, amongst others, and just finished a Radiohead remix of “Separator.” 50 Weapons is extremely proud to finally present their debut album Dispel Dances, which is once again a showcase of outstanding talent.

Dark, vibrant atmospheres, lurking synths and the most crushingly dynamic, dead-on-it beats you will hear all year.

2CD (AIR 001CD) 20.00 Ambient today isn’t so much about psychedelics or chilling out as it is presenting the melodic or beatless fabric of dance music.

CD (50 004CD) 15.50 This is the debut album from the two Anstam brothers.

A killer remix package in its own right, but also an excellent step forward for the 3by3 label, providing an indication of things to come from its roster over the next 18 months. “The second album Judee Sill made proved to be her last.

A notoriously slow songwriter, this enjoyable outing took its toll on Sill during its making, turning her back to her recently kicked heroin addiction and away from the desire to create more music.

The inimitable Ancient Methods emerge for the first time on CD, providing a 9-minute slab of industrial techno bass weight to get folks dancing like they mean it.

Planet Mu’s Legion Of Two make their first appearance since their 2009 album Riffs, adding their distinctive sound of live drums and tough electronics.

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