Mazar e quaid dating point

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A: April29, 1896 Q: Which library was first joined by him in England?A: British Museum Library Q: When did he change his surname from Jinnahbhai to Jinnah?A: Graham Trading Company Q: Which educational institution did he first join in Eng-land?A: Lincoln,s lnn Q: Why had he chosen to join Lincoln's Inn?A: Paneli in Kathiawar Q: What was the name of Quaid's aunt who first took him to Bombay in his childhood? A: Aprill9,1918 Q: What was the name of his second wife? A: Sir Dinshaw Petit Q: When was Quaid's only child born?A: Manbai Q: Name the brothers and sisters of Quaid-e-Azam? A: August 14, 1919 Q: What was the name of Quaid's only daughter? A: February 20, 1929 Quaid-e-Azam Early Life Q: When was the first tutor engaged to teach Quaid-e-Azam at home? A: Sindh Madrassah-tul-lslam Q: When was he admitted at Sindh Madrassah-tul-Islam?A: Rahmat, Maryam, Ahmed Ali, Bande Ali, Fatima, Sh in n Q: What was his mother tongue? A: July4, 1887 Q: When was he first taken to Bombay?

A: William Ewart Gladstone Q: Which were Quaid's favourite newspapers during his stay in England?

A: April29, 1896Q: Which library was first joined by him in England?

A: 1896 Professional Career Q: When did Ouaid-e-Azam commence his career as a professional lawyer?

A: Anjuman-e-lslam School Q: When was he readmitted at Sindh Madrassah-tul-Islam?

A: December23, 1887 Q: Which was the game he used to play in his schoof life?

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