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Weiner’s repeated behaviors might be a sign of a sexual addiction, which might be why his wife is staying by his side. He left Congress in disgrace after being pressured to step down due to a sexting scandal in 2011.When he announced a similar transgression on Tuesday in the middle of his New York City mayoral bid, many came to question Weiner’s impulse control.In the last article, we talked about how true intimacy involves knowing and being known in all your imperfection.For a married couple, romance and sexuality help create this safety and unity.This was just the beginning of a saga that would span 20 years of our marriage, including our years in the full-time ministry.There would be periods of freedom, but then Dave would fall again.

This week, two years later, a gossip website revealed texts he allegedly shared with a 22-year-old woman after he had left Congress. Weiner’s behavior has made him this issue’s unwitting poster boy.In contrast, false intimacy idolizes sex and romance as being the supreme goal.Instead of thriving in real life (including heartache and loss), this false intimacy depends largely upon fantasy.When a spouse suddenly shows a lesser interest in sex, it may be an indicator that he or she has found another sexual outlet.If sexual relations continue in the relationship at all, the cheating partner may be less enthusiastic, energetic, and responsive to you and your lovemaking. Declining investment in your relationship – Those engaged in online affairs no longer want to participate in the marital relationship.

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