Magellan roadmate updating maps

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Traffic alerts were helpful, as well, matching several live warnings also displayed by programs like Waze.On the dashcam side, we discovered one disadvantage to using an all-in-one device: visibility.S., and Puerto Rico), including points of interest, 3-D lane instructions at complex intersections, and landmarks.It will also use landmarks in spoken instructions, which can make it easier to follow directions.If you’re driving an older vehicle without a built-in nav system, the Road Mate 6230-LM is a good upgrade option.Smartphone-based directions can be fine, particularly the Waze app, but having a dedicated device on the dash is more reliable when cell phone connections are sparse.

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The 5-inch touch screen displays maps concisely (free updates for life covering Canada, U.

The only item it missed was a hotel and water park that had been open for only two weeks (even Google Maps missed that one).

We found speed limit warnings particularly helpful.

Storage is provided via a 4GB micro SD card, which holds roughly 40 minutes of video.

You can add more recording time by popping in your own card, up to 32GB.

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