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No, it is not racist to create an app that caters to people of color, especially those who want to date other people of color.I would posit that this app might help to facilitate relationships that don't fetishize or exoticize other people of color.As many of us know, Ok Cupid has released several studies they've done on race, and it clearly shows that if you're a race other then white, you're statistically less desirable.I've experienced this feeling in the real world as well.

Whether you prefer dating White singles, Asian singles, Black singles, Mixed singles, Indian singles, or any other individuals, just download this app to find one out of many in your own area, or far-off place.

It's simply a fact of life that some people truly are exclusively attracted to people of a specific gender, race, hair color, height, weight, eye color, etc...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with honestly acknowledging that some people do have physical preferences for dating, or building products to facilitate [email protected]_haik @vu0tran As a mixed woman I think that this app is an excellent idea!

It's great to have a goal of sustaining and supporting people.

However we shouldn't have to justify people's physical preferences with such grand goals -- basically motive laundering.

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