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The cards also indicate whether the refugee lives in a camp or urban area, and have security features to prevent counterfeiting (ibid.).

The cards are produced in Nairobi and transported to refugee camps for distribution to refugees (ibid.). The registration process also involves taking the photograph and fingerprints of new arrivals (ibid.

2011, note 7; UN 26 July 2011), although one media report states that poor access to information means that new refugees may not be aware of the services offered by such organizations (ibid.).

Refugees International, an independent refugee advocacy organization (), notes that refugees in the camps suffer from a "lack of basic assistance" and that the camps are operating "on an emergency basis" with water rations falling below basic UNHCR and internationally recognized humanitarian standards (29 2010).

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Amnesty International reports that a "vetting committee," comprised of Kenyan government officials, screens requests and has the authority to restrict the issuance of movement passes on security grounds (8 Dec. Concerns that refugees do not return to the camps after receiving permission to leave has resulted in fewer movement passes being issued (AI 8 Dec. Human Rights Watch stated in March 2009 that the food ration cards distributed to refugees was the only evidence that a refugee had been registered with the UNHCR (30 2009, 33).Please make sure you follow the rules at the bottom of the page before activating your web cams. It could take up to a minute or two depending on your internet connection.Free to use: Go to My Free Cams, the #1 adult webcam community!However, the UN Population Fund has reported that there is only one secondary school in Dadaab and that competition for admission is intense (ibid. For example, the UNHCR notes that there is only one teacher per 100 students and that at least 75 new schools will need to be built to meet demand (5 Sept. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reports that some 200 students graduate from high school each year, and approximately 20 scholarships are available to them to continue their education (27 July 2011). Internet sites, including: Copyright notice: This document is published with the permission of the copyright holder and producer Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB).Numerous sources affirm that the confinement of refugees to camps severely restricts their employment and economic opportunities (UN 18 Aug. The original version of this document may be found on the offical website of the IRB at

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