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please call me and let me if they are irs agents or snd me email.d o ***t a n a b e @ or 2255***19I need to get a copy of my 1040x for 2015, I cant remember my username and none of the emails have worked with either my husbands ssn or mine.My tax preparer sent IRS said I should get my money back*I FILED MY 2015 TAXES BY MAIL ON OCT,10 2016 AND CAN NOT GET ANY INFO ON MY REFUND, MAILED TO CALIFORNIA HAVE A REGISTERED RECIET OF THE MAILING. i have just received another call from someone claiming to be from the I RS. please check on these calls thank you I received a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS. he said his name is Kevin Smith and spoke with a foreign accent. can you let me know via e-mail to v l s m i t h 3 2 4 9 @ Google about this. I am trying to set up a probate for her estate which has nothing in it, no realestate, automobiles, stocks or bonds, or bank accounts, and im am trying to determine if she owes any back taxes, ect. I received a letter saying that I owed irs money for 214 taxes, however the other earned income which was not put on my 2014 taxes was a class action settlement and taxes was taken out of if.STATUS IS MARRIED FILING JOINT AND THE AMOUNT IS 61.00We received a letter dated 11/24/16, from the IRS saying we were due 92.08 refund after an audit of our 2014 taxes. they said there was a lawsuit against me and asked if I have an attorney for this case. she spent the last 12 yrs in a nurseing facallity and had only a SS check. I have been trying to talk to someone at the IRS since April 2016 when our 2015 taxes were filed without success so I have continued to pay our monthly installment arranged on our 2014 taxes. Will I have to do an amended tax form BLUE RIDGE CAMP AND RESORT, INC SENT A CHECK TO IRS MARCH One Six /One Six IT WAS FOR $One , Nine Four One .Welcome to the ultimate live 1on1 fantasy line...where the girls are always horny and ready to fulfill all your erotic desires.From soft and sensual to kinky and dominating, our girls are guaranteed to please sons college needs this document as soon as possible. I HAVE RECEIVED Four CALLS TODAY FROM BELGRADE, MONTANA TELLING ME THAT IF I DON'T CALL A CERTAIN NUMBER, "THE COPS" WILL BE SENT TO ARREST ME.THEIR PHONE NUMBER IS Four Zero Six -Eight One Three -Zero Six Seven Five .

An IRS man who claim to be Mr K Rooney came at the Assisted Living where I'm operating a business and is demanding money.That I have not nor have I ever paid any taxes since then. Once again "Thank You So Much" for your my name is tony d Jackson jr, the reason for writing you is.I know for a fact that I have paid my taxes that was due and have had a certified "CPA" to do my taxes. They are asking for all of your personnel information.. The phone number that I received the call from is as Follows (561) 220-1682. my son was use for income taxes and i don"t know who that person is and i didn't give that person the permission use my son on his taxes i want this person reported so that it want happen any more i don't know how he got my son info he need stop please call me so i can give to my son info so can investigated my name trayvon d Jackson he only five years old ,i can be reached at #I waited on a landline for over an hour with the phone to my ear, only for the recorded voice to tell me my call could not be taken? BERLIN AT LAST @ Google I keep getting a message from a number that says they are calling from the IRS and that they are holding a warrant for my arrest.this page will provide you with instructions on how to chat live with the Federal Government Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if you want to talk to someone at the IRS about your income taxes or about your income tax return money they were supposed to send [254]does anyone know if there is a chat website for the IRS to chat with someone live.i was told go to to the gov but i dont see anything where i can do a chat with a live irs person to ask about my anyone know please tell me where i can find the live irs chat to speak directly with a live person form the gov website.

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