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• Don Patterson Reptiles • Mouse Works Oregon • Big Cheese Rodent Factory • Florida Iguana & Tortoise • Richmond Reptile Expo • Northern Virginia Reptile E...• Maryland Reptile Farm • Fredericksburg Reptile Expo • All-Maryland Reptile Shows • Royal Constrictor Designs When I go herping I always wear gloves in between animals.

We know it’s prevalent in Texas and is constantly being found in more species of snakes in the state, too.- Island Night Lizard - Citizen Science: How you can contribute - Mountain Skink - Citizen Science: Herping with purpose - Definitely NOT a Stay-at-home, The Invasive Red-eared S...- The Shrunken Realm of the Yellow-bellied Slider - Three-toed Amphiuma - Florida Bog Frog - Gulf Coast Spiny Softshells - Alabama Map Turtle and Northern Black-knobbed Sawback - Ringed and Pearl River Map Turtles - Yellow-blotched and Pascagoula Map Turtles - Delta Map Turtle (Sawback) - Map Turtle Time - Forgotten Imports--Anurans - The Collared Forest Gecko - Yellow-bellied Sea Snakes - Neon Day Gecko - Androy Pygmy Panther Gecko - Three Wondrous Amazonians - Green Cascades Frog - A Return to Rana - Gulf Hammock of Florida - Snappers and Brown Waters on the Santa Fe - Sanderson to Comstock—Memories - Alligators? - Texas Alligator Lizard - A Mention of Bullfrogs - Painted Turtles: Midland, Eastern, or Intergrade?My primary reason for doing so is to avoid transmitting diseases within and among herps.Many people are a bit confused as to why I do that.

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