Legal dating age in nc

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Because of that old law, Jonathan Guy's charges were lowered to assault.

First-Degree Rape: A person forces the victim to have non-consensual sex, and either possesses a deadly weapon, inflicts serious injury upon the victim, or is aided by one or more other persons.A person commits a sexual offense by engaging in a sexual act with another person by force and against the will of the other person; or with another person who lacks capacity, either mentally or physically, and the defendant knows or reasonably should know.First degree sexual offense (victim is under 13 years old; or defendant either uses a dangerous weapon, inflicts serious injury, or is aided and abetted by one or more other people): Class B1 felony; 144 months to life in prison.Jeff Jackson, a former prosecutor, (after the initial rape charge had been dismissed, as well) against a teen boy who claimed that a teen girl consented to performing oral sex, even though evidence established that she had a blood alcohol content above .34% and had no memory of the incident.(A person is considered legally impaired with a BAC over .08%).

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