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1902 et seq, defined stalking as "engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to— Stalkers may use threats and violence to frighten their victims.They may also engage in vandalism and property damage or make physical attacks that are mostly meant to frighten. In the UK, for example, most stalkers are former partners and evidence indicates that the mentally ill stalking type of behaviour propagated in the media occurs in only a minority of cases of alleged stalking.The other participant, often but not always a man, wishes to escalate the relationship.It has been described as a close relationship because the duration, frequency, and intensity of contact may rival that of a more traditional conjunctive dating relationship.

In contrast, resentful stalkers demonstrate an almost "pure culture of persecution", with delusional disorders of the paranoid type, paranoid personalities, and paranoid schizophrenia. As discussed above, these specific (apparently stalking) behaviors may have multiple motivations.

two phone calls to a stranger, two gifts following the victim then phoning them etc.

The Violence Against Women Act of 2005, amending a United States statute, 108 Stat.

Some of the symptoms of "obsessing" over a person may be characteristic of obsessive compulsive personality disorder.

The nonpsychotic stalkers' pursuit of victims can be influenced by various psychological factors, including anger, hostility, projection of blame, obsession, dependency, minimization, denial, and jealousy. D., an American researcher, crime analyst, and university psychology professor at San Diego State University investigated, as a member of the Stalking Case Assessment Team (SCAT), special unit within the San Diego District Attorney's Office, hundreds of cases involving what he called and typed "terrestrial" and "cyberstalking" between 19.

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