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So be careful – you may discover that the new love of your life just considers you a friend with benefits…If that’s the case, then the end of your relationship may well be in sight.Wooing has been going on for around 1000 years – or at least that’s how far back the word with a prospective partner.

Here, we trace the different stages of dating in both the present and the past, comparing the language we use today with the sweet nothings of history. Would you be happy to leave technology behind and swap sexts for billet-doux?

By the early 17, and the word is still in common use today. Though certainly fast and convenient, the world of online dating is fraught with danger – most prominent of which is catfishing.

As time moved on, people gained more freedom to choose their own partners, and new ways of meeting also emerged. This rather scornful term refers to public gatherings of young people, usually on Sunday evenings, with the main aim being to meet members of the opposite sex. This is when someone creates a fictional online persona, and uses it to lure someone into a relationship.

Such teasing argument could be seen as a form of foreplay, albeit an often frustrating one.

Thomas Shadwell’s 1690 play makes this scandalously clear when Don Bernardo states: ‘I hate this pickeering; Let’s lay aside our forlorn hopes, and let our bodies joyn’.

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