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If you upgrade to a premium account you can chat to them live and send messages more frequently along with other benefits.

Many of the ladyboys you see online on adult sites are on Thai Friendly and also many new fresh faces that will get you very excited.

Many of the girls have both email and phone numbers and as for Adult Sites go it is probably the best updated, sometimes the girls change their numbers so you can’t expect every number to work but Gold has been quite impressive with correct info. Ladyboy Inc – Adult site again but they too do a pretty good job of trying to get the correct model information, though a newer site they might not have as many ladyboys to choose from, but they are growing. Shemale Asia – Another Adult Site also do a pretty good job of updating their model information.

I wouldn’t say it is as good as Gold or as accurate but you will have some luck there as well. Ladyboy XXX – Pretty good selection on this adult site as well, kind of a hit or miss for contact information but I have noticed if you ask for the information and the owner of the site has it sometimes he will post it in the comments for you. – Searching Facebook you are going to find some ladyboys and many of the ladyboys in Asia use a program called LINE to chat, in fact there are a few programs they use, many of them will post it on their profiles in dating sites and the like. – Another area to get contact information is to talk to other ladyboy fans on web boards.

Many of the guys will share out information on the girls they knew.

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First though let us talk about how to approach them a bit.You will rarely find a ladyboy online that is not on a Cam Site that will volunteer herself to dirty free cam shots.For example on my favorite dating site for ladyboys most of the girls profile state they do not want to talk sex or do webcam show, they want real thing.I have many readers of the Ladyboy Portal that are both seasoned ladyboy hunters and the newbie that is just getting into the scene.I decided to write this little guide for the newbies that are making there way …

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