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The counterexample to this practice is the French club Lyon.

As Kuper and Szymanski write: After Lyon signs the serious boys, it makes sure they settle.

For Woodward’s version to be literally correct, his source had to be able to have access to specific information (and disinformation — Dean estimated last night that half of what Throat told Woodward was materially wrong) at specific times.He also had to be physically in 1972, 1973, and 1974.Dean will doubtless enumerate, in other venues, the many disconnects.Shakespeare is now not a mere front man or composite, but a composite who could’ve done of the work — a kind of centerpiece to the composite. Perhaps he’s 60% of Deep Throat, with the product of other sources conveniently mixed in, both to protect them, and smooth down the book’s otherwise anonymous-source laden plotline.“Felt just doesn’t seem to me,” Dean said, in agreeing with the modified-composite theory, “to be somebody who had of the information generally attributed to Throat, but not specific parts of it — perhaps the parts that most damaged Richard Nixon, or reflected most poorly on his own probable motive (rancor at not being promoted after the death of J.

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