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So the next time you talk dirty to your man, make sure to speak slowly and clearly in a way that accentuates the meaning of the actual words.

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” The mother too embarassed to tell her little girl about sex so she makes up an answer.“Well, sweetie, sometimes daddy’s tummy gets too big so I have to jump up and down on it to flatten it out.”The little girl replies, “Well, mommy you really shouldn’t bother with that.”The mother has a confused look on her face, “Why do you say that sweetheart? He’s a genie and he’ll grant you one wish.”So the guy walks over to the genie and says, “I wish for a million bucks.” All of a sudden the room fills up with a million ducks. The chief walks to the men and says, ” What do you choose, Death or Boogaloo?

”The little girl replies, “Because mommy, everytime you leave in the morning, the lady next door comes over and blows it back up.”I had a visitor one night… The man walks over to the guy with the lighter and says, “That genie is a little hard of hearing isn’t he.”The guy replies, “No kidding! ”A little boy goes to school but bringing in a cat with him. ” The first man thinks for a second and replies, “I choose Boogaloo”.

Teacher and her 3 boy students: Teacher: “Why did you laugh? ” Boy 3: “I think my school days are over.”A man walks into a bar and sees a guy with a really big lighter.

Teacher asks him “why did you bring your cat to school? The chief smiles and the tribe begins to chant “boogaloo, boogaloo, boogaloo”.

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