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*breaking* It was snowing and I looked outside and saw this girl talking to phone on my backyard, I asked what the hell are you doing here and she said I'm talking to you and I said no youre not I'm here and I dont have a phone in my hand *break* Jussi: What else you do than play guitar and write songs, everyones interested, really, do you sit at some curtains closed and write your love songs, do you do anything else, is there life outside HIM Ville: Of course there is, I dont know how to put this but HIM is my life, it's involved in everything, you dont have to take it off, it's not like my day time job, you know when you do music its 24/7, but yeh I take baths and kiss and listen to rock Jussi: As a HIM fan I don't remember any song that doesnt tell about love Ville: Well we had Kiss Of Dawn, it's kinda a love song but it really tells about a person who ended his life Jussi: Okay so 1 song Ville: Of the 60 songs, but I feel like theres no better subject to make a song that about relationships, it's the only thing that moves, I'm not a fan of political music or some violent horror music like cannibal corpse, it's humour and it's funny but I don't want to spend my time writing songs about rotten corpses, it's not interesting to me Jussi: Now that were in the subject, have you had an inspiration to write love songs Ville: I dont know what you want with that question but...Jussi: Are you happy or are you wasting away or in what kind of feeling you have while youre doing new songs Ville: I'm happily wasting away, I think that if you do music you gotta have a conflict between you and some thing, if everything is really well you enjoy the situation, it's important when you create something, you know when youre miserable but there's light at the end of the tunnel, it makes the drumming so much better Jussi: Yeah you're right, can you do songs when youre happy or have you ever been happy? Ville: Oh you ask so big things Jussi: But this is so rare when we can talk so lets talk about this now and then we can talk about lets say boobs Ville: Like in Donald Duck back in the day, the one who has luck and happiness should hide it (it's a saying), but there's happiness and then theres satisfaction, they are different things, its not just one word that says it all, but you always want more whatever it is and you always find something you can be better in..is tricky, youre in a philosofical mood and tricky questions Jussi: *laughs* I've never heard anyone say that I'm philosofical Ville: Well this is the first time 6/11/12 Jussi: Back in business, full of energy, did you get stressed right away like oh fucking hell, record labels look at the promo schedules and now you should start touring and Seppo's nagging that you haven’t been to Brazil yet… That sounded just like him, but yeah we’re doing a new album, it's not completely finished, but isn’t the most important thing that we’re doing the album and if there are some promo stuff then that’s next week Jussi: I was kinda mirroring myself here, when a new album comes out I'm excited about it and it feels great but at the same time you have a zillion emails and you'll notice that the next free day is in December 2014 and then youre like fucking hell I can't do this Ville: We have exactly the same schedules, pdf files fly around.You have 2 things you promote which are the dusty past... What's different in your head now than let's say before Razorblade Romance Ville: Suprisingly I'm just as nervous about the promo and new album than back then and you know what happened with Gas, so after a long break you kinda have to learn everything from the start again, I don't have the smart one liners anymore, it's not like it used to be Jussi: So it's not a routine? Ville: Unfortunately not *laughs* Jussi: So 8 months, but Gas is fine now, right?Ville: Yes and it's also psychosomatic, think about it yourself, if your arms would break and youd have to tell the guys to wait for you.Jussi: Triple X, so you haven’t been to Brazil Ville: Not yet, have you?Jussi: Yeah we have Ville: Yeaaah Jussi: We got there with a help from others cause we did the tour with the Scorpions and The Nightwish Ville: Alright,alright Jussi: The crowd was a bit bigger than what it would have been if it was just our band Ville: Ok, ok Jussi: In Sao Paolo 128 000 people Ville: Lovely Jussi: It was awesome, it was a few years ago.

Ville: Asko is lovely and I've been in contact with many foreigners and if you have constructive critic its never a bad thing, if there are 5000 words that are bullshit and a few good lines then take the good ones and use it to make things better, the band and the producer don’t necessary see the bad things when they do an album for a long time and only see the one way how to do it, then it’s a good if an outsider comments it, girlfriends haven’t given negative comments though Jussi: *laughs* Not from girlfriends!

5/11/12 Jussi: The embassador of love, Ville Hermanni Valo, what an honor Ville: I thought it was you!

The embassador, I thought I'm your personal assistant when you have time for it Jussi: Yeah but long time no see and this really is an honor, you havent really talked anywhere much Ville: Yes it's an honor for me too, we havent seen each other in such a long time, you've been busy with your stuff and I've been busy with my stuff and that's how it is sometimes, we can't just hang out and talk shit, you gotta work sometime too Jussi: Right, right. *laughs* Jussi: Okay but let's talk about the past.

I know some girls who like this next song and if you ask me I don’t remember if anyone has ever written a more beautiful love song than this, Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart Jussi:…

There a dusty XX in the markets now but let's talk about the new one.

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