Jonathan rhys meyers dating natalie dormer

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We love the narrative of his dysfunctional childhood when it ends with heart-throb status and a movie debut in Cannes.

But we struggle with what has always been the flip side of the Dublin-born actor, who moved to Cork before his first birthday.

It's a difficult role because, as he proves over and over, it's hard to maintain.

Impossible, if Rhys Meyers's repeated falls from the wagon and trips to rehab are anything to go by.

Croft said he ran a very free and liberal household, but he and Rhys Meyers have always said that theirs was a father-son relationship and have characterised Croft as the mentor who made acting a reality for him.

It was around this time, however, that his mother, Geraldine Meyers, died, aged only 50, and it is to his childhood with her that the beginnings of his troubles are always traced.

Rhys Meyers has never made a secret of his difficult upbringing, but only when things are going well, as a contrast to his good fortune.

’” The two were filming an episode of The Tudors, a tumultuous drama series about Henry VIII, which starts on BBC2 this Friday.

It was originally made for American television, and appears to have been well received there (aside from a few jibes about the liberties its script takes with historical fact – about which more later). But, looking at our pictures, some might wonder if this Henry is just a little too hunky, a little too Hollywood.

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