Jill bennett cathy debuono still dating

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Jill was on the same page at the time, she had tried her hand at fame but nobody gave a shit about her cause she has no talent.So Jamie proposed and Jill accepted and converted and all was right in the femme universe.I assume the topic of Jill was off-limits, so I'm curious about what else she would have to say.The two dj's seemed kind of oblivious as to Jamie's history in general, let alone her romantic history.Did anyone listen to the radio show that Jamie was on earlier this week?Somoene on DL mentioned it, but I forgot to listen.People attributed everything to her past relationship. P vlog and she was saying how she was PAINFULLY wrong about spending your life with someone, bitterly proclaimed how all lesbians get engaged at some point... While watching the vlogs the way Jill behaved I thought her ex cheated on her. They were all filmed prior to everyone seeing them on AE.

Goes to show how quickly things change once your priorites shift.

There are a lot of working actors in the business who are making a living and will garner modest success. She has everything to make it big( by that I mean have a role on a decent tv show) but still nothing.

Yes but she got "famous"( better word would be known) because she appears on an internet vlog. She converted because she and Jamie wanted to get married.

Jamie was her usual adorable charming self but that interview was horrible.

Dennis & Donna did 0 research about their guest and were ill prepared.

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