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We raised our three daughters to believe nakedness is completely natural.

Being naked is just extremely comfortable and I love the feel of a breeze against my body and the sun on my skin.

I believe married couples, especially newly weds, should spend as much time as possible naked together, just doing normal things, and getting accustomed to each other's bodies.

My husband and I have practised naturism all our married life, at home as well as being members of our local naturist club.

Importantly more and more women are becoming aware that there is another option.

Already we are hearing of couples marrying with agreement that the husband will be cuckolded. Wednesday 23 March 2016 We were not expecting a huge response to our request for handsome cuckold pictures but we have had a very nice one which we are pleased to share with you on our new Gallery page. Saturday 19 March 2016 If your dearest wish is to become a cuckold and you have not, as yet, told your beloved wife then you have a lot of preparation to do first.

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We also welcome our new web designer Roger to the team.

Wednesday 4 January 2017 Firstly, let me wish all our site visitors a very happy and, I hope, successful and fulfilling new year.

Secondly, I must apologise yet again for my dismal failure to maintain my blog.

Often referred to as nudism but we prefer the term naturism.

For anyone wondering, this is not something to do with sex and sexual displays are frowned upon at traditional naturist clubs.

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