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You might call it the “morning after” look – it’s from designer , Taraji will play a female sports agent struggling in a man’s world.

When she gets the power to read men’s thoughts she easily manages to sign the next NBA superstar and outsmarts the men.

Kesha admits SHE designed this ill-fitting shiny pink suit with the tattoo-like patches. And we’re not even going to mention those hair extensions.

Fortunately, Kesha’s music skills far exceed her design ability and her career is flourishing.

Run, don’t walk – to see this movie before everybody starts talking about it.

After living together for seven years, Linda says she left Garry because she wanted a baby and he did not.

At the time she had a role on his series and she told Garry she didn’t want anything financial from him – she just wanted to keep her role on the show. What Gary’s powerful lawyers put her through was a NIGHTMARE (Robert Shapiro even tried to kiss her! Click HERE to read her story and REMEMBER these lawyers’ names….

Surely, he saw this coming a few months ago, but what could he do?

You can’t prepare your children for this type of humiliation.

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