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In 2014, 23and Me estimated that 7,000 users of its service had discovered unexpected paternity or previously-unknown siblings — a relatively small fraction of overall users.The company no longer provides data on surprise results.The most popular DNA-deciphering approach, autosomal DNA testing, looks at genetic material inherited from both parents and can be used to connect customers to others in a database who share that material.The results can let you see exactly what stuff you’re made from — as well as offer the opportunity to find previously unknown relatives.“I did data processing most of my life, and at a fairly sophisticated level,” she says.Computers do not intimidate her, and neither do big questions that require the organization and analysis of complex information. Just the skills necessary to solve a very old puzzle.The other half picked up an unexpected combination of European Jewish, Middle Eastern and Eastern European. It was the early days of direct-to-consumer DNA testing, and’s test was new.

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If the information Plebuch was seeing on her computer screen was correct, it posed a fundamental mystery about her very identity. In the second row: Jim Collins, John Collins, Bill Collins, Brian Collins and Ed Collins.It meant one of her parents wasn’t who he or she was supposed to be — and, by extension, neither was she. In the third row: Alice Collins Plebuch and her sister, Gerry Collins Wiggins.We are only just beginning to grapple with what it means to cheaply and easily uncover our genetic heritage.To solve the mystery of her identity, she needed more help than any DNA testing company could offer.After all, genetic testing gives you the what, but not the why.

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