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There may not be any positive triggers at the moment, but one could buy into it because unless the broader markets collapse for any global reason, as far as the Nifty in concerned, we do not see a fall of more than 5-6 per cent. Quite a few of the stocks which could hurt the index, have already come down very sharply. Even Tata Motors has already come down to lower levels and may fall another 5-7 per cent.An investor should go and buy into solid midcaps names, names which you feel will continue to do well.Also, go and buy into select smallcaps if you have worked on those companies very well.But in the bigger names, if an opportunity comes in stocks like may be ICICI Bank, a name which everybody loves to hate, could see a downside of another 5-7 per cent now, but it couls also see 20-45 per cent appreciation over the next two years.That is what we have been telling clients and allow me to state that I personally feel the clients are in fact inquiring that whether we should put in more money in this market because they also feel a whole lot of opportunities are coming up in front of us.Disclaimer: This recommendation is analyst's own and does not represent those of &

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