Interviews dating relationship experts

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DSR Podcast is a weekly podcast where Angel Donovan seeks out and interviews the best experts he can find from bestselling authors, to the most experienced people with extreme dating lifestyles.

The interviews were created by Angel Donovan to help you improve yourself as men - by mastering dating, sex and relationships skills and get the dating life you aspire to.

Our weekly podcast will give you great advice to improve your relationship and fun ways to keep the spark alive.

Join them every week as they let you in on past experiences, give advice, talk to celebrity couples and give you two sides to every situation.

DJ and radio host DJ Envy and his wife Gia Casey will explore the good, bad, ugly and beauty of relationships and family.

He is also the Assistant Editor of, a man on Weight Watchers, and a frequent popcorn burner.

Retro Future by Kevin Mac Leod ( Album Artwork by Branson B.

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