Internet explorer not updating rss feeds

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In a later post to the RSS Team blog, I’ll describe how publishers can set up their pages to make this button “light up.” There are a few settings on the Content tab of the Internet Options control panel (accessible via Tools, Internet Options) that let you turn on and off feed discovery, and make a few tweaks to its behavior.Basic viewing of a web feed When you click on a link to a web feed in IE 6 today you’ll see a very colorful, but ultimately not very useful view of the feed.IE7’s RSS reader feature can manage a number of feeds at once.IE even identifies if RSS feeds are available on Web sites as you surf them, allowing users to subscribe as they go.

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 takes the convenience of RSS feeds a step further by making the feed reader a part of the browser itself.With IE 7, we detect when a page is really a web feed, and we display a view of the feed that’s much easier to read.You can even add the web feed as a favorite for quick access, right from the page.If you are new to the RSS phenomenon, IE’s integrated feed reader is a great way to start. In the IE7 feed reader pictured below, the left panel, called the Favorites Center, lists the user’s subscribed feeds.In this example, the Law Practice Management Section’s is selected, allowing a view of the feed on the right panel.

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