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I’m sure many second generation British Southern Asian’s ears would ring when hearing “but what will people say?” Usually followed by a reminder to not “lose” your culture. Wells, Joe Biden and the Gays, and Nosferatu) 0 Nnekay isn't wearing any pants, or is she? (Prince, Oprah, More Comic Con, Vixen, Chris Brown, Poz Phobia, Michael Johnson, Mandingos, To Kill A Mockingbird Sequel, Ida B. We'll visit neighborhood korners like: good ol race korner, the gender fun korner, sexy ass LGBTQIIALMNOP (there's a lot of letters there) korner, pop culture korner, politics korner, nostalgia korner, all from the lens of these two crazy minorities. Stop on by Minority Korner, a new podcast, every Friday. – this time after a conversation with a couple who can orgasm for up to 18 hours.

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We have so many updates this week, in chit chat corner. DC is bringing an animated Black female superheroine to your TV! More things you apparently can't do while being Black.

Or was it a mother and daughter realisation of how different their needle faces when pinning down the extent of freedom they think a Bengali woman of English nationality should have.

Her statement also revealed her identification of me as Though it would be wrong to state the Western world has solved all the problems concerning feminism and equality for everyone, for many, there is this notion that my ideals concerning progression are from living in the UK , and that valuing old and supposedly basic traditions such as God and one’s family originates from a third world country.

It doesn't take Scooby Doo to uncover the mystery of Nosfaratu.

Also did you hear about the sequel to 'To Kill A Mockingbird'.

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