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Online dating is one of the most profitable niches online.

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’ Some women, much like some men, look at a member of the opposite sex merely as a conquest, and the thought of any long-term relationship never enters the thought process.

It seems that although most women appear to like a man with muscles, it’s the total package that most females desire.

The totally ripped gym rat looks great, but if he has the intellect of an eggplant the window dressing is wasted.

We found the Top Dating Websites for you to have fun: – this is where you can find your soul mate by using dating algorithm. – It is a dating site for specific ethnic group, mainly for African-American. – this is another site which assist African girls or women to find their half.

I am a bit sceptical about it but hey you never know. – wow I did not know that all these dating sites are segregated by ethnicity. But let’s face it we all miss our old friends so why not to see what they have been up to …

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