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Limerence is the advertiser’s view of love: infatuation, strong sexual attraction, and consequence-less moonlit walks on deserted beaches. At a purely scientific level, limerence lasts only about two years. Couples that rely too much on inertia and adrenaline in the early days can struggle to make the transition into more mature phases of love, such as attunement, trust, and true intimacy. Consider oxytocin, one of the most active hormones during limerence.

Oxytocin is secreted during orgasm and also during breast-feeding.

Prioritize Intimacy Over Intercourse: Limerence is marked by a heightened sense of sexual attraction and activity.

Sex is a wonderful and necessary part of marriage, but it should not be your primary source of intimacy.

Find out how he likes to give and receive care, compliments, and even correction.

And don’t take this work for granted: It’s the foundation of intimacy.

Passion draws two people to each other, but there must be more to hold them together when they get involved in each other’s daily lives.

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They’ve got the dating scene down pat—where to go, how to make small talk, when to call for the next date.It’s the hormone most responsible for bonding, but it’s also the hormone of impulsivity and bad judgment.Because of this, couples are more likely to miss some of the red flags that may be present early in a relationship.But they are totally unprepared for the demands of something deeper. Sometimes passionate love fails to develop into a deeper kind of love because one or both people recognize their relationship is just not right.It’s not sturdy enough to make it through the inevitable challenges of married life.

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