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Processes known as image hashing or visual search can detect near duplicate images from being posted on their platforms.

we'd need to examine the liability of the 'sellers' that are making available a dangerous product," she told CNNTech.In some instances, they are told not to be dissuaded if Herrick is resistant at first, "as part of an agreed upon rape fantasy or role play." The case raises important questions in the social media age about impersonation, stalking and harassment."What are Grindr's legal responsibilities," asks Aaron Mackey, a Frank Stanton legal fellow at the Electronic Frontier Foundation."Legislation has not kept up with the advancement of technology," he said."[Companies] can identify and stop this kind of stuff -- they just don't want to take on the obligation." Attorney David Gingras, who frequently defends companies from lawsuits under Section 230, said these types of cases will likely increase.

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